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About us

IVF Media is an international media group which supports patients suffering from infertility and clusters clinics or experts who specialize in in vitro treatment. We create professional internet platforms dedicated to different aspects of reproductive medicine such as in vitro fertilization, egg and sperm donation, treatment abroad and many more.

Our goal is to educate patients, provide them with reliable information and facilitate them to make good decisions. We also assist clinics in presenting their experience, professionalism and other distinctive features and help them to reach people interested in their offer.

Helping you make the best choice


internet platform for patients interested in undergoing in vitro fertilization with donor eggs in their home country or abroad. Every month it is visited by over 3.000 patients from all over the world. They are determined to start their treatment with donor eggs in a clinic that offers transparent conditions and professionalism. 80% of them is consider going abroad as they search the most suitable and reliable medical centers.



it is the largest database of clinics which offers in vitro fertilization in different countries; it was created to help patients find information about treatment options and make their decisions on what medical center to choose easier. The clear and intuitive layout, grouped information and smart ratings render whereIVF.com a unique tool for infertile couples and trustworthy source of information.



an internet platform dedicated to people who want to see and learn more about various aspects of infertility issue and in vitro treatment. We support infertile couples with videos which explain the most popular terms, show how different procedures work (ie. in vitro, egg and sperm donation, preimplantation diagnosis, treatment abroad), tell about clinics’ offers of ivf programs, present patients’ stories and much more.




Meet the Team

We are a group of friends. We are people with infertility problem. Marcus, Cristina and Boris – that’s us.
Over the years we were able to gain knowledge and establish opinions about the world of medical services. We met a number of doctors, travelled to several clinics in different countries, recognized many difficulties and opportunities connected to ART medicine. In order to help other patients – couples and singles like us, thinking of their situation and searching for a reliable place to start treatment – we have created a unique Internet platform.

Cristina Meller


Boris Becker


Marcus Santini